BIOZONE Bio. Bactericidal-Deodorant Solution (Bottle 100ml)


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Uses Eliminate 99.9%, bacteria, mold, etc.; Deodorize smells in the air and on all surfaces: food odors, tobacco odors, musty smells in the house, kitchen, toilet, sofas, warehouse, refrigerator, shoes, bags, cars, kids toys, etc. especially for  rooms of the elderly, the sick, fur of pets.
Ingredient 0.02% w/w Alpha-terpinneol (Cajeput essential oil), biological solvents, natural herbal fragrance.
Use direction Spray directly or use a clean towel wet with the product and wipe the surface where it needs to be cleaned.
Note Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, absolutely not near heat and fire sources.

BIOZONE Bio. Bactericidal-Deodorant Solution

No. Type Unit Capacity Price (VND)
1 Special smell of Jasmine Bottle 100 ml 195.000
2 Special smell of “Hat Mui” Bottle 100 ml 195.000
3 Smell of Cinnamon Bottle 100 ml 165.000
4 Smell of Lavender Bottle 100 ml 165.000
5 Smell of Coffee Bottle 100 ml 165.000